Saturday, October 19, 2013

Grant and Dixie

"Will it hurt when...." not being able to complete the sentence Dixie trailed off, tears she so forcibly held back ow free flows down her cheeks.

Grant held onto her her tightly as she looked away from his sullen gaze.

"No sweets, it will be like going to sleep, but..." now it was his turn to discontinue.  

He would give anything to take this away from her, anything to let it only be him and not this precious little gift to this broken world.  After several of minutes of crying Dixie looked up at her long time friend, if it had to be the end it could not be any better with her long time friend.

Grant looked back at the miniature figure cradled in his beefy arms, he himself stood an inch 
below three feet, tall for his kind, but towered over his friend by two thirds.  As he gently stroked her wings, a commonly soothing gestured between the two, she gave him the best smile she can muster under the circumstances.  A grin reserved only for him.

They sat there for hours, as Dixie slept in his arms.  He stayed awake admiring the love of his life, careful not to wake her he stared out over to the east watching his last sunrise he contemplates a possibility of an afterlife, he fantasizes an eternity with  is favorite little pixie.  Running through the vastness of the elysian fields.  Exploring many new worlds and going on adventures each more extraordinary than the last.

"A with the old ones my sweets our time here is finished."  Dixie stirred slightly in his arms, he stroked her tiny face "shh sleep my love, sleep."

As the light of the morning sun crept up to their place on the grassy hill, the lifetime friends were no longer there.  In their place a bed of sunflowers had sprung up marking the only sign of the unlikely friendship of a Gnome and a Pixie.


New York City, the street packed with the array of taxis and other commercial vehicles, as the city's morning commuters bustled about making their way to the various jobs that ruled their short lives.  A packed Time Square no one paid attention to the faces masses that shared the sidewalks, so the sudden appearances of an unusually small in a grey three piece suit and bowlers cap went completely unnoticed.

Brandishing a walking stick the tiny gentleman made his way through the sea of legs.  Walking a straight path he seemed to avoid any collisions.

A small girl around seven or eight did in fact see the doll sized man and with a smile lighting her face of wonder only someone her age can behold she attempts to gain the attention of her mother, who at the time was preoccupied by a small device seemingly attached to her ear, only tugged the girl along the way.

The small stranger simply returned the grin of the girl and tipped his hat to her gaining a renewed cheeky grin.  He made his way east 46th street whistling a tune from a long forgotten song without a care in the world.

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