Monday, September 23, 2013

Dead Lover

Once as beautiful as herself her lover shared the night
Her love for him so powerful he lit up her darkest night
He would visit her seven times a year
They would make love under Sol and spend the night lost in each other
He returned to his spot to bask in her beauty while she spins below his shadow
Now and then he tugged on her sides teasing her 
Aroused she hid her blushes with the autumn leaves
During the winter months she grew cold at the apex of his departure
But when his visit grew near the was a Spring in her step
And his love alone warmed her spirits 
Tears of joy washed over her anticipating his arrival
Tears of sorrow knowing his visit would be brief
Over the millennium his visits grew shorter as the distance between them lengthen
Even during his visits the light in his eyes dimmed
She knew the old ones soon will depart
The effect on her lover would be immense
His ailing health a product of their departure
If he goes he will live but without him she will spin off into a chaotic death
If he stays he will perish but at least he will see her until his dying breath
And what remains of him will sustain her for million of years to come
Now when she watches the night sky she sees the body of the one she loves
So dearly and so completely a reminder of what they used to have
"I love you my sweet moon" she whispers as his body passes along a predictable path
She cannot scorn the old ones for even thought their departure sealed his fate 
They needed to see to the lives of the children who they left behind will flourish
So she continues to live on as their children rape and destroy the body that was once worshiped byt the moon and the stars

  ©2013 Kinse, My Sweet Hero

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