Saturday, August 15, 2015

Unscribed Tablet

My thoughts pour out as the wind bellows the song of the western dawn, forcing away the darkness that lingers in the east.  I stare out beyond the trees perched atop a rocky hill peeking above the leafy canopy. Behind me was the past I left behind, of destruction and a broken promise.

The bond I had to break, eternally sullying my honor, the only real attribute that had separated me from my brother.  I thought I pledged like of honor and integrity, but now I weaved myself into a blanket of lies and deceit.

My only solace, if I can call it that, is that the new identity I take on becomes my new truth.  That I grow to believe this lie, making it my own.  So I shall become this new person shedding my past, no escaping my past, running away from the sins of my brother, the sins I help bring across my land.

I can never return, not for fear of my own life, but for fear that I may take the life of my brother.  So I must travel far, far away, to a land that was a mere myth so far that we never can cross paths, for if we do only one of us will walk away.

So I run,