Saturday, August 17, 2013

Interrupt your regular scheduled program

“…it is now ten o’clock on the hour, if you are just joining us there has been reports of a possible terrorist attack in Twinsburg Ohio.  Witnesses are saying, what they believe to be an explosion at the Winfield Chemical Plant”

“…no wait, they were not saying explosion, they are saying they witnessed a, and I quote, ‘Complete annihilation …”

“…national guard and local law enforcement has set up a five mile blockade around the perimeter of the former plant. Keeping anyone from entering or leaving the vicinity…”

“…airspace has also been restricted…”

“..Authorities are cautioning anyone who comes close to the blockade to avoid the area at all cost for a possible contamination of the area likely…”

“…The nearby town of Twinsburg, no more than ten miles south of the plant, is on a voluntary evacuation….”

“…on site we have CMM’s correspondent Sandra Mizaru, Sandra?”

“…Thank Steve, walking down Main Street is a scene I can only describe a typical day at Twinsburg, but today is far from typical.  The residents, a population no more than 10,000, are slowly evacuating further south downwind of the plant.  The scene is certainly well organized and although fear can be registered on the citizens of Twinsburg, the town council has things well under control…”

“…Sandra, can you tell us more on the events that occurred earlier this morning…”

“..well Steve, the most we have is a phone call from a security guard who was doing a drive by of the facility when the four guards on duty failed to check in.  He contacted his home base speaking with the night receptionist describing an unbelievable scene…”

“…Guardsafe Security records all calls in and out of their facility, Winfeild employees GuardSafe to watch over the Plant at night time, during the day they have their own private security…”

“…the company was able to pass along an edited copy of the call, as you will hear the guard was cut off by an approaching figure then the line was disconnected, we believe the person who approached the guard was the first responders to this horrendous scene…”

“…Thank you, we have the recording here at the studio, I must warn you it is somewhat disturbing…”
hello mike, did you forg…..
m..mary its gone….. there is nothing …… not even….<unintelligible>
...Mike? Mike? Are you there? What’s gone?....
….complete….. annihilation…

“…This is where the call is cut off, though unintelligible, a second voice was heard before the call ended….”

“…Just in, our Ohio affiliate MCN just reported that shortly after the call they received a tip and was able to do a quick flyby before the military was able to get organized and restrict airspace….”

“…Although their equipment was immediately seized upon landing, they were not held…”

“…they reported on that they could not see any of the destruction, the usual bright lights of the Plant was not glaring, although they could not see rubble or aftermath, they also could not see any sign of the building itself…”

“…by dawn the area was completely sealed off…”

“…Sandra, have any reports of casualties come in?”

“..well Steve as for as we can tell only the four GuardSafe officers are missing..the patrolman who was following up on his colleagues is yet to be released from his detainment…”

“…if indeed there was any air contamination the officer would certainly be effected being so close to ground zero…”

“…Thank you Sandra…”

“…we have live via Skype three environmentalists who had visited Twinsburg from Ohio State University running tests on the local water supply for possible contamination from the Plant.  Professor Gary Scott, his teacher’s Assistant Vince McKean, and third year student Cindy Weis…”

“…Hi Steve, thank you for having us…”

“.Professor Scott I understand Homeland Security has just visited you in regards to the incident?”

“…yes Steve, the possibility of Eco terrorists has come up in their investigations, my team and I are well known advocates for the cleanup of Twinsburg River.  The river feeds into the town’s aquifer and is also used to irrigate the farmland to the east…”

“…I understand that you were arrested for trespassing on the Plant’s private property, later the charges were dropped…”

“…yes, this was a huge misunderstanding, our project is passive only, preliminary stages, we are to run tests and later report on our findings…my team discovered what we thought to be calf carcasses near the river bed…I volunteered to examine the corpses, but wandered too far into Winfeild property where they were keeping an eye on us and swiftly moved in to detain me…they then turned me over to the towns police department…”

“…can you tell us more on your research?...”

“…originally this was brought to our attention by one of our students, their younger siblings, eight year old boy and four year old girl, have inexplicably come ill…his father had  lost his job due to lay offs and cutting back they no longer purchased bottled water from their grocer rather they began to use the tap…”

“…the student suspected something and being new to our program he asked for help from my TA, with some convincing and preliminary tests of the tap water I put together a research project and headed out to the small town…”

“…the children’s illnesses was indeed suspect and our tests were positive for contaminants, we just did not have enough to expose the plant yet.  In fact if we did not return to the university campus last week to apply for a research grant, we would not have a decent alibi for our whereabouts…”

“…thank you professor…there are some speculations that being so remote and surrounded by such a small population that the parties involved may indeed be eco terrorist, possibly US citizens…”

© 2013 Kinse, My Sweet Hero

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